Peer Reviewing

  1. The manuscript submitted to the editors is subjected to formal editorial requirements. If the paper doesn’t comply with the requirements of the journal it excludes from further consideration.
  2. If the papers comply with requirements they are submitted for evaluation to independent experts.
  3. Reviewing is undergone on the basis of two-sided anonymous expert: author is not known to reviewers and the reviewers are not known to the author.
  4. The editors reserve the right to reject the manuscript without sending it for review.
  5. Reviewers are notified that manuscripts are the private property of the authors and relate to information not subject to disclosure.
  6. The reviewer makes the decision about the probability of publishing article, about the probability of publishing article after revision, or appropriateness for publication.
  7. Anonymous reviews are sent to the author.
  8. If the author disagrees with the opinion of the reviewer, she has the right to appeal to the editor.
  9. Revised article is sent for re-review.
  10. The final decision on the publication of the paper is adopted at the meeting of the editorial board and may not reflect the recommendations of the reviewers.
  11. If necessary, the manuscript may be sent for re-review.
This procedure review may not apply to invited papers and articles on the theme-based issue of a magazine.
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