Requirements to the manuscript design

1. The submitted manuscript (article, monograph, review, lecture notes) must be original unpublished earlier in other publications.

2. The manuscript can be submitted in Russian and English languages.

3. The manuscript should not normally be more then 40–60 thousand characters, including spaces.

4. The first page of the manuscript should contain:

  • title (in Russian and English languages; not more than eight words);

  • information about the authors (surname and first name of the author(s), affiliation, position, mail address, email, phone number) in Russian and English languages;

  • abstract (not less than 200 words) in Russian and English languages;

  • key words (6–10 words in Russian and English);

  • JEL classification.

5. Text requirements:

  • MS Word, Times New Roman, 10 font size.

  • Font size for the article titles – 14, authors – 12, footnotes – 9.

  • The text should be justified width way; indents should be done without hangings; zero interval between paragraphs; line-to-line spacing equals to one; top margin – 4.3 cm, bottom margin – 6.4 cm, left margin – 2.7 cm, right margin – 4.3 cm.

6. Only Arabic numbering should be used to highlight specific items in the text or illustrations.

7. Illustrations should be submitted in MS Excel in black and white, without a colored background and without frames. The use of scanned drawings are not allowed.

8. MathType equation editor should be used for formulas. Numbering equations affixed on the left side.

9. References go at the end of the text with the full bibliographic description of all the used sources. Only those sources are listed which were used in the text. The list goes in the alphabetical order, Russian literature (if used) should be placed first. The papers of one author should be given in the chronological order.

10. References cited in the text should be formalized in square brackets, indicating the author's name and year of publication.


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