Igor' Var'yash

Barometer of Financial Situation

1998. Vol. 2. No. 1. P. 84–94 [issue contents]

In recent years, commercial banks have been exchanging data on their policies regarding attracting and placing funds, using various financial instruments, and working with clients. We also assess the possibilities of working in the financial market, expanding the scope of banks ' activities, and increasing their potential. Starting from the end of 1993 and ending in 1996, the Bank of Russia conducted surveys of its territorial institutions and commercial banks within the framework of the research program "Monitoring of banking policy". As of January 1, 1997, 250 Respondent banks and 65 territorial institutions of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation took part in them. The data obtained reflect the activities of more than 8000 credit institutions operating in Russia. The surveys were conducted by the main departments of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and national banks of the republics within the Russian Federation. Data exchange between banks and the Central Bank of the Russian Federation was carried out via e-mail. 
As an information base, the article uses data published in the collections of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation "Monitoring of banking policy" for 1993-1996, as well as data published in the reports of the State Committee on statistics of the Russian Federation "Socio-economic situation of Russia" for 1996-1997.

Citation: Var'yash I. (1998) Barometr finansovoy kon"yunktury [Barometer of Financial Situation]. HSE Economic Journal , vol. 2, no 1, pp. 84-94 (in Russian)
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