Vladimir Kossov

Investments as a Lever of Drowning the Economic of Russia out of the Crisis

1998. Vol. 2. No. 3. P. 308–321 [issue contents]

The main statement of the article is that capital investments are necessary for the exit of the Russian economy from the severe crisis, the like of which was not, at least in the current century. They are the lever that allows this to be achieved. The fulcrum for this lever is the institutional transformation aimed at strengthening the role of the owner. These changes clear the field for the effective application of investments. The talk that the Russian economy can be brought out of the crisis without a significant increase in investment in the production of goods and services, I think, at least, not serious. 
The analysis of the economic crisis is based on formal definitions of its beginning and end. A physical model of the crisis is presented, which gives a visual representation of the peculiarities of its individual phases. Models linking economic growth with accumulation are considered, which brings quantitative certainty to the topic under discussion. 
Economic growth is seen as a prerequisite for reducing social tension in society, which is extremely dangerous in a systemic crisis.

Citation: Kossov Vladimir Vladimir V. (1998) Investitsii kak rychag dlya pod"ema ekonomiki Rossii iz krizisa [Investments as a Lever of Drowning the Economic of Russia out of the Crisis] HSE Economic Journal , vol. 2, no 3, pp. 308-321 (in Russian)
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