Evgeniy Yasin

Modernization of the Russian Economy: Problems on the Agenda

2001. Vol. 5. No. 2. P. 157–178 [issue contents]

A year ago, at the first international conference of the HSE, the author and his colleagues presented a report reflecting their view of Russia 's economic strategy. Since then, the development of the Gref program has been completed, and a government program for 1.5 years has been adopted. Then, on behalf of the state Council, V. Ishaev 's program was developed. Long-term and medium-term programs are being developed. Comparison of these and other similar documents shows the similarity of their ideas, proposals, and alternatives. At present, it is interesting to consider what ideas and how they are being implemented, in what direction the Russian economy is turning, and what new (or previously missed), threats and opportunities are emerging. This is what this report is about.

Citation: Yasin E. (2001) Modernizatsiya rossiyskoy ekonomiki: chto v povestke dnya [Modernization of the Russian Economy: Problems on the Agenda]. HSE Economic Journal , vol. 5, no 2, pp. 157-178 (in Russian)
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