Vladimir Aleksandrov1
  • 1 «System Operator of the United Power System», Joint-stock Company, 7-3, Kitaygorodskiy proezd, Moscow, 109074, Russia

The Program of Innovative Development of the State-owned Electric Power Industry: Initiation, Formulation and Implementation

2013. Vol. 17. No. 2. P. 322–346 [issue contents]
The article considers the issues related to the initiation, creation and implementation of innovative programs of state-owned companies of electric power industry. Briefly examine the main problems faced by the domestic industry. There are three main problems lie in the bed of the studies: the problem of choice of strategy of innovative development from the point of view of an opportunity of their practical implementation; the problem of the choice of the basic technological directions of innovation development; the issue of the full implementation of intellectual energy system in the framework of the energy and related industries. Are the documents initiating the creation and the formation of these programs, the General requirements in terms of efficiency of production processes, a significant improvement of which is achieved through the implementation of innovative programs. Analyzed the goals and objectives of the innovative programs of the four large state-owned companies, playing a key role in the industry: JSC «FSK UPS», JSC «SO UPS», JSC «RusHydro» and JSC «RAO ES of the East». Determined by innovative strategies covered companies based on innovative products, planned to introduce in them. Identify sources and amounts of funding in the near future. Conducted a SWOT analysis of the investigated programs and the author's recommendations on minimization and elimination of the revealed the «threats» and «weaknesses». Asked to identify the main production the main concept of the intelligent energy Smart Grid, as the technology of wide application. For the full implementation of this concept proposed the creation of a single electric power industry competence center and standardization, combined with the innovative park for electric power industry.
Citation: (2013) Programmy innovatsionnogo razvitiYa goskompaniy elektroenergeticheskoy otrasli: initsiatsiYa, formirovanie, realizatsiYa [The Program of Innovative Development of the State-owned Electric Power Industry: Initiation, Formulation and Implementation]. HSE Economic Journal, 2, pp. 322-346 (in Russian)
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