Viktor Gazman1
  • 1 National Research University Higher School of Economics, 20 Myasnitskaya Str., Moscow, 101000, Russian Federation

The Concept of Leasing in Project Financing

2015. Vol. 19. No. 1. P. 104–127 [issue contents]
In this article, the author explores the system of economic relations of leasing activity in the transactions implemented through project financing. In the work is defined as the relationship between the theory of project financing and leasing, elucidated the theory of essential features of project finance, ways and means of participation in it leasing companies; identify the most significant risks in project financing through leasing; what financial instruments should be brought to the successful implementation of projects; methodological principles grounded assessments of the leasing system developed by the author is presented and analytical indicators of use of leasing in project financing; the units are defined in project financing; are real possibilities of practical application of the various models of leasing (financial, operational, leveraged leasing, lease-back) in project financing; a system of inequalities, which can reflect the economic motivation for participants in the securitisation of lease assets as part of project financing transactions; empirically verified of the significance and direction of the impact factors on investment volumes of deals in project financing leasing (lessee, payments in terms of concluded contracts, lease rate per cent) on a number of major leasing companies in 2007–2014 years, and how these factors are reflected in the pricing of leasing; some typical situations that arise for the risk management of investment projects.

Citation: Gazman V. (2015) Kontseptsiya primeneniya lizinga v proektnom finansirovanii [The Concept of Leasing in Project Financing]. HSE Economic Journal, vol. 19, no 1, pp. 104-127 (in Russian)
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