Лукша П. О.

Knowledge Rich Industries and Balanced Growth for Transitional Economies

2003. Т. 7. № 4. С. 471–495 [содержание номера]
In this paper, economic development through knowledge-rich processing industries as a potential dominating path for countries in transition is examined. It is particularly important that all countries in transition are richly endowed with intellectual resources which is shown to be a factor (a) critical for transition, (b) receiving a growing value-added compensation, and (c) giving potential for intellectual rent. A two-industry dynamic model considering intellectual resources demonstrates that there exists optimal distribution of investment allowing to maximize national income, that is, a way for balanced growth in knowledge-rich economy. Government can support this process through re-direction of investment flows to achieve optimal investment distribution and investment into institutional capital. For successful growth through know-ledge-rich industries, R&D sector should also be enhanced to become market-oriented.
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