Nga T.1
  • 1 University of Finance – Marketing, 778 Nguyen Kiem str., Ward 4, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Factors Affecting the Intention to Use Digital Banking Services: A Case Study on Elderly Customers in Vietnam

2023. Т. 27. № 2. С. 270–289 [содержание номера]
Based on Technology Acceptance Theory (TAM) and Linear Structural Model (SEM), the author predicts factors affecting the intention to use digital banking of customers from 50 years old in Vietnam. For this study, 350 valid responses out of 398 survey participants have been collected and utilized for data analysis, digital banking are found easy to use, helpful, reliable, and less risky for elderly customers, which might increase the elderly’s demands and intentions to use them. Regarding the behaviors of elderly customers, this study will provide an insight into elderly customers’ expectations accessing digital banking services during the COVID-19 pandemic in emerging markets. Furthermore, the researcher proposes an integrated model to predict behaviors and examines main.
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